Phone Battery Tips

Charging Phone Battery Tips

Today I am going to share some tips for your phone battery. 

[First use of new battery] 

When the new battery is used for the first time, it is better to use up the virtual capacity. The first 3-5  times charging for lithium battery is preferably 6-8 hours. Be careful not to overcharge, so as not to damage the lithium ion battery and affect the service life. After the battery is charged and discharged 3-5 times, its cell is fully activated, and the standby state enters the optimal state. Every time you fill it up later. Please do not charge it for a long time. After charging fully it for about 1 hour, it will work best.

[Battery Usage Tips]  

1. In the case of long-term use or improper maintenance of the battery, the metal contacts will be oxidized, which will cause the phone to automatically shut down or disconnect when phone calling. It is recommended to wipe the contacts  before use.  

2. Inappropriate charging method of the fake charger will affect the standby time and shorten the battery life.  

3. Different models of mobile phones also consume different power consumption, and setting the mobile phone to vibration mode will increase power consumption and reduce standby time.  

4. If the mobile phone is used in places where the signal is weak, the power consumption is large, and the standby time of the battery is shortened.  

5. The ambient temperature has a great influence on the battery capacity, and the energy released in the Very low temperature is much less than the normal temperature, so the mobile phone which is used outdoors in cold area its standby time will be shorter , the low temperature self-discharge will be small. Also if it is in hot area, the high temperature self-discharge will be large, and the high temperature will also affect the standby time. 

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