iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Guide

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Replacement and Removal

Tools needed.

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Removal

First of all, powered off your iphone 6.
Remove two screws next to the lightning connector.

Open the display assembly a little bit with a suction cup.

Insert a crowbar.

Insert the guitar pick, slide the pick by the arrows.

Be careful, LCD cable still connecting the display assembly.

Remove five screws securing the LCD cable cover.

Remove the LCD cable cover.

Disconnect the LCD cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect the touch cable.

Remove all the parts from the old display assembly.

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

This is new display assembly.

Install all the parts to the new display assembly.

Install the home button bracket to the screen assembly.

Now all the parts were installed.

Connected the LCD cable and touch cable, installed the LCD cable cover.

Now the Apple iPhone 6 screen replacement process is completed.

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